Bluey Gloves

No possibility to wash your hands? No problem with the disposable gloves from Bluey we have the hygienic solution for urinating.

My responsibilities:
Visual Communication

Logo Design

My partner:
Unsee the Known

My team:
Katharina v. Sohlern, Katrina Günther,
Sebastian Drab


A humorous twist on sexist narratives


From Pinky- to BlueyGloves

The market is full of rosa, sexist products that are being sold expensively to women. One of them was „Pinkey Gloves“, cheap disposable gloves to change tampons. This was the „innovative idea“ of two young men that were promoted by the German TV show „Die Höhle der Löwen“. 

The recommendation to wear a glove to touch tampons implies the impurity of the female period, a narrative that has been told over centuries. 

To illustrate the absurdity of this product, we developed the website of a fictive product called BlueyGloves. A disposable glove for men to avoid touching their penis while urinating. 


One sexist
product less

With the speculative product BlueyGloves, we have contributed to the public discourse of sexism and the stigmatization of the period. The public debate resulted in the withdrawal of PinkeyGloves from the market.