Honest food from honest producers.
The information tool for responsible
consumer decisions

My responsibilities:
Concept, Web Design, Visual IdentityPhotography, Logo Design

My partner:
Research and concept project with
Forschungsintitut für
Ökologischen Landbau 

at the University of Bolzano

My Team:
Luisa Möbus, Manuel Immler 

May 2018 – Sep. 2018


We empower responsible and informed consumer decisions

The food industry is highly intransparent and consumers struggle to understand which brands are trustworthy. Fibl (Forschungsintitut für Ökologischen Landbau) asked us to develop a concept that informs consumers about the sustainability of products. The aim is to help consumers take decisions that are in alliance with their values. Our challenge was to reduce the complexity of Fibl’s research on sustainability and make it comprehensive to everyone.

We came up with TrueFood, an honest brand that comes with a whole shopping experience that informs about the sustainability of the product in an honest and low-threshold way.

Shopping experience

How sustainable is your
food choice? 

With the help of a scale, that is placed in regular grocery stores, consumers can find out about the sustainability score of a product or producer. In the checkout, they receive a receipt that summarizes the average sustainability of their entire purchase.

In the first information level, we display the sustainability score by means of a bar chart, that visualizes the data of the four basic values (ecological balance, social well-being, corporate responsibility and economic resilience). 

Web Experience

Webtool for radical transparency 

For those who want to know more than the summary of the sustainability score on the tag and receipt, we recommend the TrueFood web tool. Here they can take a deep dive into the complete data, step by step, without overwhelming interested people with the complexity of the information.